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Who Are We?

A Result-Oriented, Learning and Education Platform for Non-Profit Organizations.

A Personal Development and Career Advancement Platform for Non-Profit Professionals.

The orgainzation that provides Classroom-based, Face-to-Face, Online and On Demand Traning to Individuals and Non-profit Organization.

Fearless Transformation was incorporated with the mission of helping non-profit organizations make the world a better place and succeed in their cause and philanthropic endeavors. While non-profits are dedicated to betterment, it is equally true that the business of non-profit needs to remain empowered and refueled to keep going. There are many challenges that non-profit business and non0profit professionals, as well as non-profit leadership development, faces. Fearless Transformation is dedicated to ensuring the success of a non-profit in all aspects of its cause irrespective of them being community-based, private organizations or government organizations.

Kal Jurdi, the founder of Fearless Transformation, also serves at Walid’s fund as the Director of Operations. He has gained first-hand experience of not just working at the filed but also at all operational, managerial, financial and legal issues that non-profit organizations have to go through.

Fearless Transformation has earned the right to train the non-profits not only because we know the challenges of a non-profit but also because we come from the core world of training and development in the fiercely competitive world of for-profit businesses.

Kal Jurdi as been training leaders all over the globe, helping organizations form their championship teams, develop their leadership management and grow from barely surviving to unstoppably thriving.

As the Learning Platform for Non-profit Professionals, all our participants become a part of our philanthropic community. While we keep our client information absolutely confidential, we encourage all the participants to come together and learn from each other's experiences. We care to share learning experiences.

What Do We Do?

We Empower Professionals and Leaders to Succeed
We Empower Organizations To Grow and Thrive

We bring the best of the world of organizational training, individual coaching and effective leadership to the non-profit world.

We train, coach and lead individuals, professionals, and philanthropic organizations.

We empower non-profit clients with the right tools, strategies, formulas, and blueprints to succeed respectively.

  • Fundraisers to craft annual giving program, identify the donors, gain confidence, ask and receive major gifts with ease, and retain your donors.
  • Leaders to be goal oriented, influential, communicative, more effective and result-oriented and form and lead championship teams without stress.
  • Board members more involved and impactful with positivity.
  • Philanthropic teams, individuals and professionals be more cohesive, objective oriented and delivering measurable performances with enthusiasm.
  • Organizations streamline the overall functioning of the non-profit organization and go beyond defined goals with step by step functional blueprint.
  • Non-profit leaders realize and harness their potential, strengths, and talents effortlessly; Create an integrated vision to inspire boards, leaders, staff, volunteers, and donors to deliver long-term success with minimum efforts and optimized resources.
  • Empower leaders are empowered with result oriented, and present-day tools that create lasting results without the hassle.
  • Philanthropic career aspirers to gain skills, cultivate talents, be empowered with tools for success, personal development that leads to professional success and career advancement and much more.

We specialize in turning individuals into champions and leaders into unstoppable forces by empowering them with awesome personal development and reliable career advancement skills.

Want to get noticed by those who are looking for high-performance non-profit professionals?

Fearless Transformation is the right education partners for you!

Code of Conduct

The Dominion that Guides Us

Code of Ethics

We always

  • Perform as per the ethical code of conduct and remain honest in our conduct
  • Represent our credentials correctly
  • Maintain our clients as our top priority
  • Maintain strict confidentiality towards all the client-related information, during and even after the assignments.
  • Take on assignments that we can fulfill in the utmost competent manner
  • Decide the objectives of training, the scope of learning, time frame, and the fees for the training prior to accepting an assignment
  • Identify and disclose potential conflicts of interest as soon as we become aware of the same.
  • Employ objectivity and integrity when reviewing and projecting the outcome and results.

Our Vision

What Made Us Begin the Journey To Advance Knowledge to Social Sector

Our Mission

What are We Trying to Accomplish?

Our vision is to simply enable individuals and organizations from the world of philanthropy and non-profit segment become more effective fundraisers, high impact leaders, and reliable employees through impressive personal and influential professional development.

Our mission is to empower all the newbies, professionals, leaders, teams, and organizations active on the turf philanthropy. We are here to strengthen the social sector by advancing remarkable skills, information, knowledge, and confidence for transforming causes to achievements. We impart practical tools to reinforce non-profit organizations.

Irrespective of the size of the non-profit, we treat all professionals as an equal, at all times. We want to help you form high-impact leadership, increase staff retention, train boards on being champions at your philanthropic cause and help you strategically succeed at receiving larger gifts and ensure donor retention.

Why Train with Us?

Innovative and Cutting-Edge Training Programs


  • You gain CFRE credits when you train with us and may even qualify discount in your fees at CFRE.
  • Our training programs help you get ahead in your career in non-profit sector.
  • Each training is specifically designed and developed with the non-profit industry in mind.
  • Our extensive background in adult experiential training helps participants reflect and engage in the process of learning so that they can reach their optimum potential.
  • Each of fearless transformation training is designed to include all learning styles with the focus on fundraising, effective presentation skills, leadership, teambuilding and much more.
  • We develop your ability to ensure that your results are transformational and sustain giving you long-term benefits.
  • Each training is designed keeping all kinds of learning levels in mind and hence anyone and everyone can understand it with ease.
  • Each training is based on present day requirements and not just the same age-old formulas.
  • You get step by step, functional, practical and realistic approach of dealing with issues.
  • You get a blueprint to success that you can use again and again to optimize your performance and results.

Know Your Trainer

High-Impact Trainer and Coach Delivering Programs in the US and Internationally


Kal Jurdi

Trainer, Coach, Author, Leader, Public Speaker, and Philanthropist

Co-author of “Shake It Off Naturally”, Kal has led hundreds of people in 32 states and three countries to turn their organizations around through his leadership, fundraising, and interpersonal communication training. Kal is a co-founder at Walid’s Fund with Dr. Willard White Ph.D. senior consultant at Mart’s and Lundy – Kal as a director of operations has designed and implemented a one of a kind three-weeks job skills training program in three Syrian refugee camps in south Lebanon. Kal also trains Red Cross workers to become more effective coaches and fundraisers. Kal is an affiliate partner with Blair Singer, one of his mentors and teachers leading training for the non-profit sector.

He has also worked with organizations like Zappos, Wells Fargo, AZ Tech Council, AZ Correctional Industries, Albuquerque Housing Authority – NM, and trained for American Management Association and Nonprofit Lab.

Having mastered the art of teaching, training, and facilitating from the best teachers in the world, he transcended the art of bringing out the brilliance and activating the influential leaders in ordinary individuals. An Industrial Engineering graduate from Arizona State University Kal is absolutely cognizant of the quality standards organizations need to maintain.

He leads seminars and speaks at conferences at universities, conferences, business events, and training presentations. His television appearances include MTV among his interviews.

With almost a decade in public speaking, he has developed several niches to enrich the lives of individual clients. Apart from One-on-One Training for self-mastery, leadership skills, and personal breakthroughs, Kal is an expert in building high-performance teams.

He is sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon and often invited to speak in the Middle-East.

Kal has mastered the art of fundraising, sales, leadership, and communication by being a disciple of some of the finest teachers in the world.

Committed to empowering you and your achievements, he is pledged to boost your skills that make your rise and achieve your dreams!

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