About us

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to simply enable individuals and organizations from the world of philanthropy and non-profit segment become more effective fundraisers, high impact leaders, and committed team members through outstanding personal and professional development.

Our mission is to empower and develop strong leaders in the nonprofit sector so that they can fulfil on their mission efficiently and effectively.


Co-author of “Shake It Off Naturally”, Kal has led thousands of people in 32 states and three countries to turn their organizations around through his leadership, fundraising, and interpersonal team building and communication training. Kal along with Dr. Willard White Ph.D. senior consultant at Mart’s and Lundy co-founded Walid’s Fund, a 501C3 Nonprofit that is established to train life skills in refugee camps.

Kal has trained and coached Red Cross volunteers and team members in designing and implementing a one of a kind three-weeks job skills training program in seven Syrian refugee camps in south Lebanon.

Kal Jurdi

Founder at Fearless Transformation, Trainer, Coach, Author, Leader, Public Speaker, and Philanthropist

What makes us “us”?

We actually walk the talk, everything that we teach is the result of years of first hand practical experiences in the field.

We specialize in transforming individuals into high performance team players by empowering them with life changing personal and professional development.

Join us to create a bigger impact in the world

We want to help you inspire impactful and dynamic leadership, develop high performance teams, inspire board members to better lead your mission, and help you succeed in receiving larger gifts.