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Fulfill your mission serving others through training in fundraising, leadership development, and teambuilding.

Kal Jurdi
Founder and Lead Trainer
CFRE Accredited Continuous Education
Team Building
Cultural Change and Communication Training
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Why Fearless Transformation

International Experience

We have over 5 years of non profit experience in the Middle East & over 10 years of educational experience all across the country.

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We provide live workshops and online training to fit your needs

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Develop Your People and Grow Your Organization

We work with highly successful nonprofits who at times struggle with receiving large gifts, frustrated with lack of team engagement, or concerned with poor communication skills.

We help your Organization Thrive through Leadership Development, Team Building, and Fund Raising Training. Let them know you are investing in them and their future.

+ 21500
Workshop participants
+ 5000
People impacted by our own nonprofit work
+ 3000
People impacted in all non profit work

Our numbers at a glance:

A result oriented, learning and educational platform for non-profit organizations.

Fearless Transformation was established with the mission of helping non-profit member groups succeed in their cause and philanthropic endeavors, hence making the world a better place for all humanity.

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